Oook, Planned Parenthood.

I’ve seen so much about this controversial issue lately, and have kept my mouth shut so far.  I wanted to wait, and see what happened.  With people actually “calling” for bombings of PP facilities, and the murders of various people, I can’t sit quiet any more.

What is wrong with you people?  We are at “war” with a group of people who did those exact things to us, because they thought it was right.  We call them terrorist.  What the hell, people??  What is wrong with you?

If something is so intense, and has been so blown up that people are making public hit requests and bombing REQUESTS on internet comments, this is getting out of control.  Wait…it’s already there.  Everyone needs to chill out, and calm down.

This is the point where we would put toddlers in separate corners to cool down, before having them come back and discuss things nicely.  As adults, that’s what needs to happen with the Planned Parenthood issue.

Chill. Out.

People disagree, but when the entire argument of those opposed to PP’s actions is senseless murder, then why would murder be the right answer?  Why call for that as the solution?  No.  That’s insanity.  That’s exactly the same kind of thinking that’s gotten us in the mess we’re in as a country.

Knock it off!!

The fact is, women who decide they don’t want a child will get an abortion one way or another.  Or worse, they’ll give birth to their child, then kill it, or leave it for dead.  The problem isn’t Planned Parenthood.  They are there to help – period.  They are left with the remains of what would have been a baby, yes.  They do not force anyone to give up their fetus.

When a woman decides something, there is little that can be done to change her mind.  Yes?  We can all agree on that, I think.  Regardless of whether a pregnant woman would regret the abortion after having the baby is irrelevant – at that time, when she’s decided she doesn’t want it, that’s the end of it.  One way or another, she will get rid of that baby.  She won’t want it.  If she is then put in a position where she feels she is “forced” to keep it, she won’t care for it properly, if she lets it live.

Bottom line – it’s the parent’s choice.  It’s the mother’s choice.  Planned Parenthood is simply the place that person goes to have it done safely.  Blaming them is like blaming the doctor for giving you a shot, when you went there on your own, and asked for it.  The doctor didn’t force you – it was your choice, your request, and your money paid for it.

People are creatures of opportunity.  When these medical professionals are left with a fetus, they are forced to make a choice.  Either depose of it and call it a full waste, or try and make something good of a tragedy.  Find the silver lining in the dark cloud.   They use what they can, so that life isn’t a total waste.  The mother made her choice, but something good can come of it, if we let it.

In the end, the responsibility lies with the mother.  If PP wasn’t there, yes – women wouldn’t go there to get an abortion.  Does anyone remember Dirty Dancing?  The side story that doesn’t include the two main actors?  His previous dancing partner got pregnant, and didn’t want the baby.  She had a guy do a back-alley abortion, and it tore her up inside, leaving her for dead.

That is real.  That happens.

When those women decide they don’t want a baby, the lack of PP won’t stop them – they will do what they have to in order to get rid of it.  Coat hangers kill women who are desperate to get the fetus out of their body.  What’s even worse, is if that woman doesn’t get an abortion, and gives birth.  And the baby is left in a dumpster.  Or found in a freezer some years later.  Or in a lake.  Those things happen too, because women decide they don’t want it.

Blaming the people at PP is idiotic – it’s pointing the finger at the wrong person.  They are there to help, and are now being attacked as heartless murderers.  Wrong.

The mother makes the choice – period.  One person.  The father doesn’t even get a say.  The mother can decide it if she wants.  One person holds that responsibility, and her alone.  Attacking an organization who helps make sure that women doesn’t die from internal bleeding from a coat hanger ripping the unborn child out of her, is stupid.

In the end, that baby is going to die if the mother decides she doesn’t want it.  It’s a sad thing, but a reality for us to deal with none the less.  PP makes it humane, and at least lets some sort of good come out of tragedy.  The woman will live with her choice, but it was just that – her choice.  She is the killer – not the people she hired to do the killing.  They are there to help, and do far more good than any bad that people choose to see.

I’ve used their services, and am happy with them.  They help, and were the first people to actually give a shit about me as a woman.  They cared.  They were there to help, and did far more than they needed to.  They aren’t heartless – they are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

Stop calling for the killing of people just doing their jobs.  If you want Planned Parenthood closed, fine.  It’s a mistake, but so are a lot of our choices.  Don’t make the mistake of calling for more death – more destruction – more tragedy.  THAT is senseless killing.

Peace begins in our hearts.  Start there, then start changing the world.


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