Random Truth Tuesday


Random Truth: I hate the whole “if you hate your job, just quit!” crap. That’s what it is, it’s crap.

I get the idea behind that advice: you shouldn’t work somewhere you hate, and you shouldn’t hate going to work every day. I agree!

Here’s the thing – you can’t just quit!

hell naw!


Because bills. Because rent. Because gas money for the car. Because food.

Because being a fucking adult, means not quitting just because you don’t like it.

Getting a “new” job isn’t always an option, especially when the jobs around, aren’t much better than the one you’re at now.

On top of that, when your dream and goal is to work for yourself, switching to a different set of thumbs to be under, isn’t better, it’s just different. And learning a whole new set of people, issues, and ways to hate a job doesn’t make it better.

nervous frustrated kesha

So, maybe instead of telling someone who’s stuck in a job they hate to just “quit” or “find something better” tell them how strong they are. Strong for sticking through something they hate, because they have to. Strong for not selling out, and going for their dreams instead, even when that means being on their feet for 10 hours a day, making crappy wages, and getting absolutely no respect. Perhaps you can actually help, by giving them a little of the respect they deserve.



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