Hiya! Happy May!

Hiya dudes! How’s your May going? Mine so far, is hot. Very, very hot.

So, if you haven’t noticed, I took a couple weeks off from blogging. The posts in April zapped my brain, and I’ve loved recharging over the last few weeks. That, and my animal rescues and biz/store are going nuts.

For those who don’t know, I run a guinea pig rescue/cavie family growth program, Rozie’s Guinea Pig Oasis, as well as a small-pets rescue, Rozie’s Rescues. I’ve taken in quite a few furry little critters lately, and I love it! I also co-run Desert Rat Exotics, where we rescue reptiles and exotic pets, in conjunction with Rozie’s Rescues. It’s a lot of work, but it’s awesome.

We’re growing everything up and getting our spaces more organized, so caring for the animals doesn’t take up quite so much of our time. That’s my biggest priority at the moment though, aside from writing and my blogs.

I’ve also started up another project I don’t quite have the guts to share yet, and am in the process of starting up another one. Good grief, when I type it all out, I’m busy a.f.! haha

Anywho, I hope you lovely people are having a fantastic May, and the end of school/start of Summer stuff is going smoothly.

Much love to you all! Thanks for visiting! =D

Ciao for now,




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