Fluttering Rose Petals was created as a personal blog, and for the purpose of entertainment.  I enjoy sharing stuff and putting my two cents on it. This does not mean I am going to please everyone – in fact I’m sure I’ll offend some people – but I aim to simply entertain, by sharing things that makes me laugh or think. It’s also a means of personal expression for myself.

I share pictures, articles, posts, videos and thoughts that I feel like sharing.  Some of this stuff may have words people don’t like.  They may be on topics some people disagree with.  There may be some ideas that some people take offense to.  All of this is fine – that’s part of life.  If I post something you disagree with, please be mature and respectful about it, and move on.

What I can promise you, is that I won’t be posting anything sexual or pornographic.  I won’t be supporting anything illegal.  I won’t be outright rude or mean to anyone with my posts.  If someone takes offense to something I post, that is a bummer, but not my intent.

I want to encourage people to think – to break out of their bubbles, and learn to treat others with love and respect.  Here, there will be a healthy variation of sweet and sappy, with blunt and honest.

I welcome those who enjoy my posts, and if you don’t care for my way of doing things, there are lots of other blogs out there for you to check out.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you’d like to express in private, please contact me at flutteringrosepetals (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you for visiting – come back soon! =D


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