My Blog Garden

My “Blog Garden” is what I have started calling all my blogs.  I love gardening, and having the nickname of a flower, I can’t help but love flowers and gardens.  Just like with any garden, I put a ton of care and love into my blogs, simply because I love blogging.

To keep it simple, I’ll simply list my various blogs, or blogs I contribute to, and a brief description for each.  Please feel free to visit any blog that looks interesting!

personal blogs banner 1

The first three are my more…personal blogs.  They are candid, goofy, personal, and more about me.  They aren’t professional, and won’t ever be.

Fluttering Rose Petals/Fluttering Rose: This is my inspirational/entertainment/celebrity/motivational blog.  Basically, I share anything I find inspirational, motivational, and fun.  I also use this one for my outlet on celebrities, news, gossip, and general entertainment.  Basically, an entertainment blog.  I’ve got a Blogspot version as well, and am currently testing out each, so see which site I prefer.  Blogger vs WordPress – we’ll see who wins 😉

Pandora Phoenix Rose: This one is my more bold blog.  I’m opinionated, honest, blunt, sarcastic, and bold.  Or at least, I try to be.  It’s one side of me I’m trying my best to grow, and break myself out of my comfort zone.  Which is in a hole 😛  I’ve got a Blogspot version of this one as well, to test out.

Life Inside A Timid Mind: This is the other side of me – the timid side.  I’m vulnerable, shy, meek, and timid.  Same sort of topics, but a much different take.  It’s the side of me I’ve given into my whole life, and am trying to break out of.  I still need an outlet though, for my fears and timid mind to let go of and grow.  Surprise! There’s a Blogspot version of this one as well 🙂

*UPDATE* I’ve decided to mix Pandora Phoenix Rose & Fluttering Rose Petals.  They are nearly identical, and have become redundant, since I’ve exercised the bold side of me enough to be consistent.  Pandora’s blog will be inactive for now, until I decide what to do with it next.

DRL banner 1

Desert Rose Lifestyles is the umbrella company I started with my husband.  Under it, we have blogs for every topic we can think to write about.  We have our main Lifestyles website and a blog, and each topic has it’s own blog.

Desert Rose Reviews: A professional-ish book blog with reviews, book spotlights, interviews and more!

Desert Rose: UnPlugged: a un-professional (ie: fun) version of our book blog, mainly.  It’s our unplugged version of everything else we do – more candid, fun and sarcastic.  Mostly focused on books, but music and movie posts pop up from time to time.

Desert Rose Movies: All about movies!

Desert Rose Music: All about music!

Desert Rose Recipes: All about food!  Glorious food! 😉

Desert Rose Animals: All about animals!

Zen Beetles: All about VW Aircooled Beetles, Super Beetles & Bajas! Slug-bugs & punch-buggies are back!

Coming Soon!

Art, Photography, Cars/Trucks, and More!


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