B-Day Lesson #23 ~ Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

Hiya dudes! Another lesson for you today.

Don’t take yourself so seriously.

This has taken me years to learn, honestly. It’s difficult.

If you’re like me, you want to be respected. You want to be “perfect” for lack of a better word.

For fear of being judged, I spent years and a ton of energy taking myself way too seriously. It was exhausting, and never really worked.

Eventually, I learned to just let it go, and do my thing.

I still struggle with it some days, but it’s a healing process, of sorts. I’ve found it’s just a group of negative  habits I have to unlearn, while I teach myself new ones. It takes time.

Totally worth it though – life is so much more enjoyable when I don’t take myself so seriously, so that’s my advice for you today.

Lesson # : Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously


B-Day Post #22 ~ Take Care of Your Body

Hiya dudes! Happy hump day!

I’ve got another lesson for you guys.

Take care of your body!

Dudes, this one is soooo important! Seriously, I had no idea how important this was, until I had a hysterectomy. My hormones went haywire, my body freaked, and my once strong body disappeared so quickly it’s frightening.

I got healthy again a few years ago, then had another hormone mess, and now I’m back to where I started the first time. It’s a never-ending battle, but it is so important.

Going from healthy with an 8-pack (no joke), to gaining 30+lbs, to losing it and  having my flat-stomach hourglass body back, then losing it again, was a nightmare.

I’m back to working on my body, because I know how important it is, and how different I feel when I’m healthy.

It is massively difficult to keep healthy when you have medical issues fighting you, but it is so important. Even if you don’t have a perfect body, just being healthy – being able to go up a flight of stairs without losing your breath, for example – is something to strive for.

You should always love yourself no matter what stage your body is in, but an act of loving your body, is to take care of it. Eat healthy, and stay active.

You don’t need to try to stay healthy out of hatred for your body, but do it for love instead. Self love. Your body deserves to be healthy, and so do you.

Lesson #18 ~ Take Care of Your Body



B-Day Post #21 ~ Feel All Your Emotions

Hiya dudes! Another lesson today.

Feel all your emotions.

What I mean by this is, don’t lock up an emotion. Don’t hide from one. Feel it, respect it, and let it pass, whatever it is.

As humans, we were made with a bunch of different emotions. Bottling any of them up is dangerous, and not healthy. So feel them.

That doesn’t mean feel anger and react in rage. It also doesn’t mean feel happy and go on a crazy, singing rampage.

Respect yourself enough to respect your emotions.

Feel them, respect them, and let them go.

Lesson #19: Feel All Your Emotions


B-Day Post #20 ~ Don’t Envy Someone Else’s Lawn – Just Water Your Own

Hiya dudes! Happy Tuesday!

I’ve got another lesson for you today.

Don’t envy someone else’s lawn – just water your own.

If you haven’t learned this one yet, you need to take it to heart, because it’s true, and one of the most important lessons I’ve come across so far.

Envy is lethal. Jealousy is cancer. It isn’t healthy, at all. It will eat you from the inside out, until there’s nothing left but a nasty, rotting mess.

No one wants that, so instead, quit while you’re ahead. Quit wishing you had something someone else has. Quit being upset because you don’t have something you want. Quit – just quit it. Give it up.

If you spent as much energy working on your own life as you did wishing you had someone else’s, you’d probably already be there. You don’t need to wish you had someone’s life, you can have it yourself! Just put your energy into your own stuff, and ignore the rest.

Don’t wish you had something else, otherwise you’ll lose what you do have, while getting no where.

It’s a lose lose situation to envy, so instead, just enjoy what you have, and work hard for what you want.

Besides, someone probably wishes they had something you have, and if you’re a good friend, you’d probably tell them the same thing.

Lesson #17: Don’t Envy Someone Else’s Lawn – Just Water Your Own



B-Day Post #18 & #19

Hiya dudes! I’m doing two lessons in one today, because they go hand in hand, but have to be learned separately.

#18: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

If you’ve seen Bambi, you know this one well. My parents said this phrase all the time when I was growing up, and it definitely stuck.

This is especially important once you’re an adult, and you don’t have someone to tell you “hey, that wasn’t nice, go apologize” when we mess up. We have to do it ourselves, and eventually, you’ll learn that there will be far fewer hurt feelings and sessions of apologies if you simply keep negative things to yourself. Who wants to put negativity out in the world, anyway?

Lesson #19: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

#20: Think Before You Speak

This one is just as important. A lot of times, especially when we are emotional, things just slip out. If this is a hurtful thing to someone else, we usually end up regretting it later.

There are people who just say whatever comes to their minds, and they have no filter. This can be beneficial if you’re looking for someone who’s honest, but it can also be really bad – sometimes things are delicate, and a friend’s feelings will get hurt by just blurting something out without thinking.

Lesson #20: think before you speak


B-Day Post #17 ~ Always Look at the Stars

Hiya dudes! Anyone else have a heck of a weekend? I sure did!

I’m back today with another birthday lesson.

Always look at the stars.

This one is a lot like “stop and smell the roses” but a little differently, at least to me.

The problem with the roses saying, is the fact there may not always be roses around to smell. You have to go out of your way to find them, much like the positives going on in your life. It can be difficult to find them.

Looking at stars is something you can do, literally every single night. You don’t have to find them – they are always there.

We all have positives in our lives that are constant. We can find them, and we can focus on them. And we should.

To me, the lesson of always looking at the stars is metaphorical as well as literal. I love going outside and appreciating the stars, and without fail, it always inspires me to remember the constant positives in my life.

The stars have seen me through every dark time in my life, and pulled me out of some pretty impressive funks. They can for anyone, if you let them.

Lesson #16: Always Look at the Stars


Lesson #16 ~ Give Your Family A Break

Hiya dudes! Another lesson for you today.

Give your family a break.

This one definitely comes with age, and seems to be especially important for teenagers.

Your parents are human – they are you, just older, and with more bills to pay.  Give them a break.

Your siblings/cousins/extended family are all human – give them a break.

You’re a part of your family, whether you like it or not. Whatever is going on, give them a break. Unless you’re in Hitler’s family, you can always show compassion. That doesn’t always mean being okay with destructive or dangerous behavior, but for the most part, we can chill out, and just let people be people. Even our families.

Lesson # : Give Your Family A Break