Books/Reading & Coffee

Ok, I must write a post about this, because I really feel like I’m missing out on something here.

You know how books & coffee are a “thing” now? Like, they go together. If you read books, you apparently must drink coffee. There are sooooo many pics & memes & quotes & phrases talk about “books & coffee” being perfect.

Well, I don’t like coffee!!

Every time I see one of these memes, or a gif with the inevitable caption about the harmony between coffee and reading, it just makes me depressed. I want to be like “oh yeah, that’s me, I love books…” but then it’s like “…but I hate coffee. Shoot, I’m a looser. Maybe I should start drinking coffee…”

Seriously, everyone seems to like coffee, in the book world. I hear sooooo many authors talk about taking a break with a cup of coffee, and writing or reading a book. Readers are the same way – coffee and a good book. It’s like a special club I can’t get into, because my tongue will fall off.

Me and my tea or juice (or more often than not, water) will just have to sit on the sidelines, wishing we were cool enough to be in the “coffee club” with the kool kids. Coffee is the shit, and I’m incapable of swallowing it, without a major gag-fest.

Book people like coffee. Writers, authors, & readers alike. *sigh*
Either that, or wine.



Cycle of Life

So, I’m in my mid twenties now (wow, just had to stop and take that one in…), and coming into a special age.  That age where I feel old, but those older than me laugh at me and say I’m young.  That age where I’m glad to be out of my past, but nervous about the black space that is my future.  That age where I feel like I should have my life figured out, people ask me what I’m doing and where I’m going, but in reality, my life is still just starting out.

 Selena Gomez idk shrug

I feel like a toddler of the adult world.  I’m no longer a goofy baby, and just now walking without constantly falling on my butt.  I’ll still fall down from time to time, but my feet are a little more securely under me, and I keep trying to run.

What inspired these thoughts?  The realization that I’m seeing actual babies and toddlers grow up around me.  My peers and friends around my age who have already had kids, are now watching them grow.  These kids are little people I’ll know 20 years from now, and I’ll be able to say “I remember when you were a toddler, and you…” or “Awe, I remember holding you when you were a baby!”  They’ll look at me with that goofy “I don’t know what to do with that” look, smile like I’m a goofball, and blow it off as a sweet older-lady thing.

 Wow okay then - zac effron

These kids, these little people – they’re just starting out too, in a different area of life.  They’re like me, just the little kid version.  When they hit the stage of life I’m at now, I’ll be looking back, thinking how young they are.

It’s one of those cycles about life that completely amazes me.  God’s ability to weave people’s lives so completely and perfectly together is incredible.  Moments like this always make me stop and wonder at life.  Marvel at the complexity and simplicity of it all.

 The Lion King growing up scene

It reminds me that He’s got it covered, you know?

 Chill Out animated graphic

In reality, I am still a toddler, and He is my Father.  He has got it handled.  This life, is no different than when we’re little kids.  I don’t need to worry about huge stuff in the future – He’s got it.  Just like those toddlers I see – they trust their parents, let it go, and just enjoy life.

 Mark Wahlberg dude, chill out and relax

Let Go, and Let God 🙂