B-day Month Post #1 ~ Self Love & You’re Important

Hiya dudes! Okay, starting off the 28 days of posts for my b-day!

I’m not going to do this in any particular order, just 28 things that I’ve learned, that I think others could learn from.

I want to start with the lesson of loving yourself, and respecting your importance.

It took me a looooong time to learn this, and honestly, I’m still learning it. This project I’m doing right now, posting for the whole month, is an exercise in that lesson. It isn’t wrong to acknowledge your importance, it’s simply good to keep it in check, and not get too full of yourself. If I was doing a month of posts all about why I’m awesome-sauce, then maybe there would be an ego issue, and some vanity to address.

See, that’s the root there, I think, of the fear a lot of people have of thinking they’re important enough to acknowledge, love, or respect. So many people I’ve talked to who struggle with self confidence, seem to have a fear of people thinking they’re vain, and full of themselves in an unhealthy way. Learning the difference between vanity and healthy confidence is key, and hopefully this post will help.

See, this project is a good example. I’m not asking you to pay attention to me. Yes, I’m sharing things I’ve learned, but the point is to help other people (hopefully), and remind myself how much I’ve grown up so far. I can acknowledge that I have something to offer people, and celebrate my life, without being obnoxious. At least, I hope.

It seems like self-love is something that’s a bit twisted in today’s world, where kids are taught to either ignore themselves completely, which generally leads to a rebellion later on in life, or they’re taught to love themselves too much, to the point of excluding others in their life. I’m more interested in helping people who don’t feel important, and don’t feel worth loving.

I can tell you, without a doubt, you are. It’s a big life lesson to learn, and everyone struggles with it in one way or another. You were made, beyond all reason. Of all the pairings of dna your parents could have made, you were created. That’s amazing. You, by simply existing, are a miracle. You matter. It’s important to value yourself, and love yourself, so you can grow, and live life to the fullest.

Like I said, I’m still learning this, so I’m definitely not a great example yet, but I hope to be one day. If I can inspire one person to look in the mirror and smile at the person looking back at them, I will be happy.

So, lesson 1: love yourself, because you DO matter. Respect your existence, because you’re important. 



Hiya everybody!  Hopefully your week is going along swimmingly =)

Last week, with all the Thanksgiving posts of inspiration, positive, and reminders to be thankful, my heart was rejuvenated a bit.  I had the idea to make a Thankful Thursday a weekly post, because why keep being thankful limited to one day a year, or every few months?  When Googling it (as I do with any new idea, to make sure I’m not stepping on toes) I saw that it’s already a thing!  How cool is that!  It’s definitely a band-wagon I want to jump on, so I am!


This is the first of what I hope will be many, many #ThankfulThursday posts.

Today, I’m thankful for my family, all the pets we have, and all the opportunities open to us.  God has blessed us all so much, and I’m so grateful.  I’m thankful for the ability to write blogs like this, and connect with amazing people all over the world.  How amazing is that, to meet and befriend someone across the planet, with a blog.  So crazy, and so amazing.

What are you thankful for this week?

Evil Starbucks Cups!!

Hiya, how are you?  Hopefully doing well 🙂

Ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you’ve most likely heard the hullabaloo about the cups.  Starbucks holiday cups.

Apparently, the lack of decoration on them, has been taken as an “attack” on Christmas, and by association, Christians.


Red cups.

Are you friggin’ kidding me??

Gimme some fish, cuz people need to be smacked.*

What I want to know, is who was the first one to get offended by this.  Can someone point that asshole out, please?


The most ridiculous part about this being taken as an “attack” on Christianity, Christians, or Christmas, is the fact that previous decorations on Starbucks cups haven’t even been related to Christianity!!!  They’ve been Santa sleighs, or bells, or trees, or snowflakes!  None of which are in the Bible, or have anything to do with the Christ-related part of the holiday!!


I just…agh!

People irritate me.

nervous frustrated kesha

In case you’re wondering, I am a Christian and *gasp* I’m not offended by the plain red cups.  I think they’re cute.  I don’t tend to get drinks from Starbucks, as I don’t drink coffee, but if I end up in the mood for some white hot chocolate, I won’t let some stupid cups stop me.

Sheesh.  This kinda crap is why people have heart-attacks at 50, and get cancer.  And why they think Christians are nutters with nothing better to do than cause drama.  People need to stop making mountains out of molehills, looking for offense where there is none, and stressing about nothing.  We have real issues to deal with – leave the cups alone!

K, I’m done.  Moving on.  Wanna join me? 🙂

What do you think of this “issue” and offense?  Do you plan to buy Starbucks?  More importantly, whatchya doing for Thanksgiving, since we aren’t even in December yet? 😛

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*Smacking with a fish: This is a phrase we use around our house.  We joke about how people being ridiculous/mean/or have bad attitudes need to be smacked with fish.  Dead fish, if they are being particularly offensive.

Fake Christians ~ Take 1

Hiya, hope you’re doing well.

Today, I’m starting a series I’m calling Fake Christians.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples to choose from, and they all make me so upset, I know I’ll have things to say about most of them.

This particular story is (at least when I read it) presented by WorldTruth.TV.  Good site, btw, if you’re looking for stories not published in the mainstream media, or smaller stories.  Like this one.

Basically, a woman wrote into a column in the Denver Post called Ask Amy.  Here’s a cut-out of it, so you can read the woman’s side, and Amy’s advice/response:

ask amy - sad sister

Just, wow.  How can people act like that??  I don’t get it.  How can you call yourself a Christian, then treat your family like crap, and blame THEM for it?  How do people get to the mental place where they stop seeing that they are causing the problems?  Even when this excluded sister is crying, trying to talk through it, coming to her unsympathetic sister for support, it’s still somehow her fault for being different.  Black sheep say what?

Obviously, she wants to connect with her sister and cousins and whomever else they deem good enough to join them on their shopping vacations.  If it’s putting her in tears, her exclusion isn’t a personal choice – it’s being made for her, and then the blame being put on her.

A saying we have around our house, is “smacking someone with a fish” when they are acting wrong.  A dead fish, if it’s particularly ugly behavior.  I really want to smack this woman with a fish…

nervous frustrated kesha

As Christians, we are meant to act in love.  When someone is perpetually hurting you, and they refuse to listen, and blame you for the pain they are causing, that’s abuse.  Plain and simple.  An abusive person hurts you, while sitting on their high horse, arrogantly saying “you earned it” or somehow saying their ugly behavior is your fault.  Unfortunately, this point-of-view can always be seen by either party, because typically, each person believes they are correct.  Even an abusive person will perceive themselves as the victim, because they feel justified in their behavior.

Well, that’s where being a Christian comes in – compare yourself to Christ.  Are you acting in a way He would smile at, or would you be ashamed to admit your words, thoughts and actions to Him?  Would He approve and stand behind your behavior?  Would He treat people the way you are?  Did He?

Whether you like it or not, if the answer is no, then you are the one in the wrong, and the one causing the abuse.  Most of the time though, that will never be recognized, because abusive people also tend to be manipulative and controlling, and don’t listen.   There will always be a justification for their abuse, even if they know God/Jesus would not approve.

That’s what gets me – even when they know they’re wrong, and they judge others for acting the exact same way, they are always justified.  It’s infuriating.


Here’s the thing – ugly people never want to see their own ugliness.  Ever.  It will always be someone else’s fault.  No matter how much you say “you’re hurting me” or “I don’t understand why you’re doing this” it doesn’t matter.  They are corrupted, and will not listen until God intervenes. The only thing you can do with people like the “Sad Sister” in this situation, is walk away, and let God deal with them.

We’ve done this many times with our families and friends, because that was the only way out of the abuse.  Our pleading and requests for respect and fair treatment fell on deaf, arrogant ears, and in the end, we just got hurt.  The only thing to do with that type of abuse, is walk away.  The more you talk, the less they listen.  You simply deepen the seeds of resentment and justification with each word, and make it worse.

Stop looking for love where you’ll only find judgement and pain.  If you’ll never be good enough, then walk away.  It’s done.  That’s my advice to the sister being excluded – walk away.  Ironically, take the “sad” sister’s advice, and find better people to be around, because she has already chosen her position, and nothing and no one will change her mind, except God.  So, let her go, and let God.


For me, that’s what I choose to do.  I do not allow people to abuse me.  I’ve had enough of it in my life, and I don’t take it any more.  If someone treats me badly and doesn’t want to work on it, I walk away.  I will own up to my mistakes, but I don’t take the blame for someone else acting ugly.  Every relationship is a two way street – I can’t do it all on my own.  If they refuse to listen, and believe themselves superior to me for any reason, I will not have them in my life.  I’m not superior, and neither are you.  We are all worthy of Hell, and (I pray…) hoping for Heaven.


I don’t see why people feel ok acting like this horrible woman, and I feel very sad for her sister.  Being the black sheep and not fitting in is difficult enough – you’re always aware you’re different.  Being actively excluded though, that hurts.  And by blood family?  That pain never fully heals.  Judging and punishing anyone for being different isn’t ok.  Especially family.

I hope everyone who reads this story, whether it be from this post or someone else’s, learns a valuable lesson – punishing others for being different and then blaming them for making you uncomfortable, is wrong.  If you’re going to act ugly, at least have the guts to own up to it.  Otherwise, get off your high horse, and knock it off.  Your actions are your own – so own them, or change.  Be someone you’d want to be friends with – someone God will be proud of.

If you’re the black sheep, and people want to exclude you, then here’s a secret: you’re better off without them!!  They will never make you happy, and you’ll only feel like the black sheep in their company.  God has people and a place for you, and a lot of times, that is not with the family you’re born into.  Give it up to Him, and let Him lead you to where He meant for you to be.  We all have somewhere we fit in, we just have to find it.  Don’t settle for abuse – choose love, even if that means you’re alone for a while.  Own your life, own your differences, and don’t let anyone make you feel like crap for being different.  You are who God made you to be.  If they can’t see your sparkle, then get out from under their dark cloud.  Only then, will you shine.

Own it – it’s worth it 🙂


So, are you treating anyone badly?  Are you being treated badly by someone else?  Have you had to leave people behind, because they acted like the “Sad Sister” in the column above?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, or just say hi! 🙂

If you enjoyed this post, please share it – I would certainly appreciate it.  Thank you!

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Taking Crosses Out of Church?!

Soooo, yeah.  Browsing around Facebook today, I came across this article.

Fair warning, I am a bit pissed.  Fuming, really.  And at the same time, heartbroken.

Long story short: Eva Brunne, a Lesbian Bishop (don’t even get me started on that…) from Sweden, has announced her desire to remove crosses from the Church, in order to make refugee Muslims more comfortable.  She believes it will make it “more inviting” to them.

Yeah, cuz it won’t be a Church any more!

She reportedly wrote, “Leasing a room to people of other faiths, does not mean that we are not defenders of our own faith. Priests are called to proclaim Christ. We do that every day and in every meeting with people. But that does not mean that we are hostile toward people of other faiths.”

Soooo, now crosses are hostile?  Since when?  Are head scarfs hostile?  NO!  Is the Star of David hostile?  NO!  Since when are crosses IN THE CHURCH hostile?  Are you kidding me??

The Church is supposed to be a safe gathering place for those who follow God.  Period.  It’s not just a “religious building” in general – it is our safe place.  God’s house.  Not the world’s house.  No other religion does this sort of thing, especially not for Christians.  Since when do we hide our faith in order to make other faiths more comfortable?  Acceptance, not hiding.  We are called to love.  That means we honor and respect other religions – why do we not expect the same treatment in return?

If I go to a Buddhist temple, I’m not going to ask them to remove their statues or anything to do with their religion, just to make myself more comfortable. I may not be Buddhist, but I damn well will respect those who are, and THEIR place of worship. Christians and Catholics should expect and be given the same respect for anyone visiting OUR houses of worship. Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, people who worship salt, I don’t care – anyone visiting a Church should have the respect to honor our faith as well.

In the military, the chapel does the sort of thing she’s suggesting – it’s simply the religious building where everyone is welcome, and there are many types of services performed. Christian, Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan…and Satanic. That’s where this type of thinking leads. Satan is invited and welcomed into God’s house. It’s no longer God’s house, because darkness cannot be in the same place He is. If we invite it in, we essentially remove God willingly. That’s not ok.

Holy ground needs to stay just that – holy. If we take God out of it to appease people who don’t believe or follow Him, and just make it a neutral building, then it’s no longer a Church.

Once we compromise our faith for others, and hide what makes us who we are, then others won’t hesitate to trample us.  Muslims believe the same way – ask a Muslim woman to remove her head scarf, and you’ll hear the same arguments.  Why should we be any less passionate about our religion?  Why do we not fight for our faith with that much tenacity and ferocity?  Why are we ok with casting our faith aside, in order to make others more comfortable in theirs, when they don’t give us that courtesy, and we wouldn’t ask it of them?

There does need to be segregation of religion, because they are all just too different. We all need to give and expect others to honor and respect our faith. They don’t have to agree, convert or condone it, but they should respect it, just as they would want respect for their faith and beliefs.

They are welcome to visit, but just as any visitor to someone else’s house, they are just that – visitors. Guests. They should respect that. It isn’t their house, they aren’t moving in, they aren’t taking over. They are visiting.

I don’t take down my Christian art or scriptures when someone of another faith visits my house; I don’t put my Bible away; I don’t hide my religion. If they aren’t comfortable with my God, then they are welcome to leave. I do not remove my signs of faith, my God, or my pride in Him for anyone.  He is more important, and the moment anyone else becomes more important than Him, and my relationship with Him, I am no longer a faithful woman to my God.

The Church should be no different, and if anything, even stronger in that mindset.  I belong to God, and our Church belongs to God. It shouldn’t be stripped of that to appease others, any more than His children should have to hide their pride for their faith.

We aren’t asking Jews to remove their Star of David, or Muslim women to remove their head scarfs if they come into a Church; we shouldn’t take down our crosses. It’s just that simple. Mutual respect.  Mutual love.  We welcome them in love, but they need to come in love as well.  And that means, no one needs to hide or remove their symbols of what they believe.  Ever.

It breaks my heart, that a Bishop would ask for such a thing.  Especially guilt tripping people, by citing the fact we proclaim Christ in our every day life, in every encounter.  That’s true.  Does that mean that’s enough, and we don’t need a safe place to gather with our brothers and sisters in Christ?  No.

People like her, are why the Church is failing.  God is being removed from the Church, favoring people and the world instead.  That is why the end times will come; that is why the world will end.  God is slowly being removed from His own house, in order to accommodate those who see us as infidels, and would not hesitate to see us dead for our Faith.  Ironically, proposed by a woman who would be executed for being a lesbian in some Islamic countries.

Just, wow.  I need to pray.  And cry.

Oook, Planned Parenthood.

I’ve seen so much about this controversial issue lately, and have kept my mouth shut so far.  I wanted to wait, and see what happened.  With people actually “calling” for bombings of PP facilities, and the murders of various people, I can’t sit quiet any more.

What is wrong with you people?  We are at “war” with a group of people who did those exact things to us, because they thought it was right.  We call them terrorist.  What the hell, people??  What is wrong with you?

If something is so intense, and has been so blown up that people are making public hit requests and bombing REQUESTS on internet comments, this is getting out of control.  Wait…it’s already there.  Everyone needs to chill out, and calm down.

This is the point where we would put toddlers in separate corners to cool down, before having them come back and discuss things nicely.  As adults, that’s what needs to happen with the Planned Parenthood issue.

Chill. Out.

People disagree, but when the entire argument of those opposed to PP’s actions is senseless murder, then why would murder be the right answer?  Why call for that as the solution?  No.  That’s insanity.  That’s exactly the same kind of thinking that’s gotten us in the mess we’re in as a country.

Knock it off!!

The fact is, women who decide they don’t want a child will get an abortion one way or another.  Or worse, they’ll give birth to their child, then kill it, or leave it for dead.  The problem isn’t Planned Parenthood.  They are there to help – period.  They are left with the remains of what would have been a baby, yes.  They do not force anyone to give up their fetus.

When a woman decides something, there is little that can be done to change her mind.  Yes?  We can all agree on that, I think.  Regardless of whether a pregnant woman would regret the abortion after having the baby is irrelevant – at that time, when she’s decided she doesn’t want it, that’s the end of it.  One way or another, she will get rid of that baby.  She won’t want it.  If she is then put in a position where she feels she is “forced” to keep it, she won’t care for it properly, if she lets it live.

Bottom line – it’s the parent’s choice.  It’s the mother’s choice.  Planned Parenthood is simply the place that person goes to have it done safely.  Blaming them is like blaming the doctor for giving you a shot, when you went there on your own, and asked for it.  The doctor didn’t force you – it was your choice, your request, and your money paid for it.

People are creatures of opportunity.  When these medical professionals are left with a fetus, they are forced to make a choice.  Either depose of it and call it a full waste, or try and make something good of a tragedy.  Find the silver lining in the dark cloud.   They use what they can, so that life isn’t a total waste.  The mother made her choice, but something good can come of it, if we let it.

In the end, the responsibility lies with the mother.  If PP wasn’t there, yes – women wouldn’t go there to get an abortion.  Does anyone remember Dirty Dancing?  The side story that doesn’t include the two main actors?  His previous dancing partner got pregnant, and didn’t want the baby.  She had a guy do a back-alley abortion, and it tore her up inside, leaving her for dead.

That is real.  That happens.

When those women decide they don’t want a baby, the lack of PP won’t stop them – they will do what they have to in order to get rid of it.  Coat hangers kill women who are desperate to get the fetus out of their body.  What’s even worse, is if that woman doesn’t get an abortion, and gives birth.  And the baby is left in a dumpster.  Or found in a freezer some years later.  Or in a lake.  Those things happen too, because women decide they don’t want it.

Blaming the people at PP is idiotic – it’s pointing the finger at the wrong person.  They are there to help, and are now being attacked as heartless murderers.  Wrong.

The mother makes the choice – period.  One person.  The father doesn’t even get a say.  The mother can decide it if she wants.  One person holds that responsibility, and her alone.  Attacking an organization who helps make sure that women doesn’t die from internal bleeding from a coat hanger ripping the unborn child out of her, is stupid.

In the end, that baby is going to die if the mother decides she doesn’t want it.  It’s a sad thing, but a reality for us to deal with none the less.  PP makes it humane, and at least lets some sort of good come out of tragedy.  The woman will live with her choice, but it was just that – her choice.  She is the killer – not the people she hired to do the killing.  They are there to help, and do far more good than any bad that people choose to see.

I’ve used their services, and am happy with them.  They help, and were the first people to actually give a shit about me as a woman.  They cared.  They were there to help, and did far more than they needed to.  They aren’t heartless – they are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

Stop calling for the killing of people just doing their jobs.  If you want Planned Parenthood closed, fine.  It’s a mistake, but so are a lot of our choices.  Don’t make the mistake of calling for more death – more destruction – more tragedy.  THAT is senseless killing.

Peace begins in our hearts.  Start there, then start changing the world.

Cycle of Life

So, I’m in my mid twenties now (wow, just had to stop and take that one in…), and coming into a special age.  That age where I feel old, but those older than me laugh at me and say I’m young.  That age where I’m glad to be out of my past, but nervous about the black space that is my future.  That age where I feel like I should have my life figured out, people ask me what I’m doing and where I’m going, but in reality, my life is still just starting out.

 Selena Gomez idk shrug

I feel like a toddler of the adult world.  I’m no longer a goofy baby, and just now walking without constantly falling on my butt.  I’ll still fall down from time to time, but my feet are a little more securely under me, and I keep trying to run.

What inspired these thoughts?  The realization that I’m seeing actual babies and toddlers grow up around me.  My peers and friends around my age who have already had kids, are now watching them grow.  These kids are little people I’ll know 20 years from now, and I’ll be able to say “I remember when you were a toddler, and you…” or “Awe, I remember holding you when you were a baby!”  They’ll look at me with that goofy “I don’t know what to do with that” look, smile like I’m a goofball, and blow it off as a sweet older-lady thing.

 Wow okay then - zac effron

These kids, these little people – they’re just starting out too, in a different area of life.  They’re like me, just the little kid version.  When they hit the stage of life I’m at now, I’ll be looking back, thinking how young they are.

It’s one of those cycles about life that completely amazes me.  God’s ability to weave people’s lives so completely and perfectly together is incredible.  Moments like this always make me stop and wonder at life.  Marvel at the complexity and simplicity of it all.

 The Lion King growing up scene

It reminds me that He’s got it covered, you know?

 Chill Out animated graphic

In reality, I am still a toddler, and He is my Father.  He has got it handled.  This life, is no different than when we’re little kids.  I don’t need to worry about huge stuff in the future – He’s got it.  Just like those toddlers I see – they trust their parents, let it go, and just enjoy life.

 Mark Wahlberg dude, chill out and relax

Let Go, and Let God 🙂