Is #MarriageEquality Actually Marriage Equality?

pride flag in front of gov buildingSupreme Court Rules In Favor Of Marriage Equality

Same-sex marriages are now legal nationwide. The hashtag and term that’s been married (hehe) with this cause, is “marriage equality.”

Something that keeps needling me is this: is it truly marriage equality, or is it simply legalizing same-sex marriage?

Is it done now? Is the movement over?

Homosexuals aren’t the only people who have had their marriage desires denied. Seems to me that it (marriage equality) is either a term that doesn’t truly fit the goal, or it is a movement that will extend beyond one group of oppressed people, and soon we will move on to finding justice for other people who want marriage equality for themselves as well.

Do you think the “marriage equality” movement will extend beyond same-sex marriages, and truly be marriage equality? If so, how?